Volkskunstschule Oederan – Schnittpunkt von Tradition und Moderne

The close relationship between Oederan and Erzgebirge folk art has opened several fascinating doors. Alongside the Klein-Erzgebirge Miniature Park and the Guinness World Record-holding “Gahlenz Giants”, the Folk Art School is certainly one of the most impressive examples.

The history of the school dates back to the 1960s. Back then, several work groups dedicated themselves to preserving tradition. They made the decision to make artistic and creative work more accessible to the youth of the region.
As a result, they began teaching five disciplines (carving, wood design, painting and graphics, handicrafts, textiles) according to their own curricula.

The Folk Art School survived the political changes of 1989/90. It has since continued to evolve and develop alongside its people. It has long grown beyond what is today known as “folk art”.

In the 1990s, the School found its home in “Spital”, a communal building formerly used as a hospital. The building was set up based on a variety of interests. Its equipment includes:

  • a woodwork shop
  • a printing workshop
  • a dark room
  • several flexible rooms (for painting, textile design, craft techniques, etc.)
  • a ceramic workshop with two kilns
  • a room for concerts, cabaret, puppet show, and much more
  • a kitchen

The course list is arranged around the set-up of the “Spital”. The Folk Art School offers around 35 courses and more than 40 different projects. Events relating to claywork and pottery are especially popular. Courses on wood design have developed in several directions, including traditional miner figures and free design sculptures. Painting and graphics, textile design, model building, photography and basket weaving are also featured in the course list.

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Volkskunstschule Oederan
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