Klein-Erzgebirge Oederan – experience our homeland

Each year, just as the first daffodils appear, the miniatures are ready to display the full glory of Erzgebirge mines and scenery – with graceful palaces, imposing castles, typical churches and vibrant figures in the bright spring-time air, freshly smartened up and carefully put in place to illustrate the history and the region.

The Klein-Erzgebirge Miniature Park opens its doors for a wonderful journey into the traditions and cultural landscapes of the Erzgebirge region.

Visit the loveliest spots in our homeland, discover its most majestic buildings and landscapes, and be inspired by a colourful array of nature, craft and custom.

Whether enjoying a leisurely stroll or a refreshing picnic near Augustusburg Castle (built for the Elector of Saxony), admiring the beautiful Freudenstein Castle, observing the countless moving figures doing laundry, chopping wood and painting fences, or those of children playing happily in the playground, you can discover the wonderful Erzgebirge panorama in miniature beneath the tender shade of the ancient park trees.

A unique, one-of-a-kind miniature landscape is waiting for you, with plenty of interactive features, fascinating facts and careful landscape design.

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